Iran’s Strict Cyber Regulations Lay Groundwork For ‘halal’ Network | Fox News – The Cloak of Antichrist

Iran’s Strict Cyber Regulations Lay Groundwork For ‘halal’ Network | Fox News

“Halal” in Islam means permissible or lawful.  The term is frequently used in conjunction with food that is permissible based on the Qur’an or Hadith. The opposite of halal is “haram,” meaning forbidden or unlawful.  Examples of prohibited foods include pork, blood, alcoholic beverages, and improperly sacrificed, permitted animals. Animals are considered halal only if their throats have been properly slit in the name of Allah by a Muslim.  Animals that are slaughtered by being beaten to death are not halal, they are haram, i.e., not permissible. Halal is a term that is used in all areas of a Muslim’s life — for example, the Internet, and what is permissible for Muslims.  It seems that Iran is laying the groundwork to “protect” the minds of the faithful.  The plan is to sever Iran from the rest of the world, electronically, and limit Internet use to censored material approved by the Islamic Republic.  How does that verse go?  “There is no compulsion in religion.”  (Qur’an 2:256).  Sure sounds like it!

Iran’s Strict Cyber Regulations Lay Groundwork For ‘halal’ Network | Fox News.



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