The CloakBook Review:   Islam – the Cloak of AntiChrist                   

Reviewer: Pastor Dick Davis

Author:  Jack Smith

Publisher:  WinePress Publishing, LLC

Islam – the Cloak of AntiChrist is over 300 pages chocked full of useful, enlightening information on the soon-coming phenomenon that will sweep the globe.  Author Jack Smith, a pen-name, pulls no punches in detailing, in plain, understandable language, the historical past of the Islamic religion, its current covert operations, and its future ascent to the “throne” of world power and dominance.

Not only does the author give Islam’s historic past from well-documented secular sources, but takes the reader/student/scholar/theologian back to the Old Testament patriarch, Abraham and his cohabitation with his wife’s maid and the rivalry that took transpired between his wife, Sarah, and Hagar as a result. Then he weaves into it the fabric of Biblical prophecy from the books of Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation to bring the reading participant into a Biblical world view by proving, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that old interpretations of future prophetic events do not carry the weight of current unfolding events.

Each chapter begins with Smith telling the reader what he/she is about to read.  The he tells them what he told them he would tell them.  At each chapter’s end, Smith summarizes what he told them in a condensed, chart-like wrap-up.  In so doing, and with over 700 end-notes at the conclusion of the script, many sacred cows are slaughtered from a Biblical perspective and secular documentation including the Qur’an.

Islam – the Cloak of AntiChrist explores today’s growing world influence in all levels of government and walks of life, all the way down to its deception of some within the church with the rise of the current Chrislam teachings that are being taught by many.  It exposes the masquerade of Satan as an angel of light when he is, in fact, an angel of darkness. Part of that deception has been masked by the teachings within the church by several to point the finger of the antichrist to be of European origin rather than the line-by-line, phrase-by-phrase proven interpretation by Smith.

Islam – the Cloak of AntiChrist ought to be required reading by every student of Bible Prophecy.  It ought to be THE textbook outside of the Bible, itself, in all colleges and universities – certainly in all seminaries. Every Believer ought to read it, even though sections of the Qur’an make the hair stand on end.  And it definitely ought to be required reading for every current government politician and candidate for political office!