Assyrian International News, February 9, 2012, reports an example of the continuing plight of Christians living in Muslim-majority populated countries.  In this case, Egypt’s new “democracy,” led by Islamists from the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis, are evicting families because of a Copt (Christian), alleged to have taken a picture on his cell phone of a Muslim woman (although not consistently followed in Islam, the making of pictures is forbidden). The man has denied the charge as has the woman. The conflict has spread to all “dhimmis” in the area (non-Muslims living in Sharia states, of which Egypt has become since the ouster of Mubarak). A Copt allegedly fied a gun in the air while his house was being burnt down (he and his family were inside; but dhimmis are not allowed to own guns). “Reconciliation” meetings are attempting to resolve the issue, but for minority Christians living in Muslim controlled areas, reconciliation means how much are you willing to pay (or forfeit).  Justice is defined by the Muslims, and  truth seems to be irrelevant as the Muslims have threatened to expunge 62 Copt families from the area.

Muslim Council in Egypt Evicts 8 Christian Families, Seizes Their Property.