Please click on the following link to access the interview with Jack Smith.  The program will begin momentarily, but if you move the timer to approximately 48:15, the interview with Jack will begin.

This interview provides a window into the heart of Jack Smith, the author of Islam: the Cloak of Antichrist.  This interview is jam-packed with valuable information and will enhance your understanding  of the prophetic interpretations presented in his book!  Highlights include the following: Jack explains how he came to write the book, why Islam is the empire described in End Times Biblical prophecy as waging war with the Saints, the characteristics of the Anti-Christ and how these same characteristics are seen in the Islamic Mahdi, how he interprets Allah to be the First Beast of Revelation, why Jack holds to the Mid-Trib, Pre-Wrath view of the Great Tribulation, and much, much more!

Jack’s final plea is for the REVIVAL of the Church.  My personal interpretation of Jack’s message is we must take a stand against the world when we hear the precious and powerful name of Jesus being stripped from every facet of our society.  The spirit of anti-christ is permeating our culture and unless we stand firm and rebuke the enemy, we are like the salt which has lost its usefulness…and is only good to be thrown out. (Luke 14:34-35)

Brothers and sisters, we have been given explicit directions by God to warn the people…both believers and unbelievers.  Let’s be obedient.  Ez 3:16-21.  May God bless your efforts to understand and apply His word.