The following article is quite astounding when one understands the absence of relationship between Iran and Al-Qaeda.  Iran is Shi’ite Muslim (Twelver Shi’ites). Al Qaeda is Sunni Muslim. For the two of them to align in any effort is not “normal,” particularly in light of the fact that Al-Qaeda is rooted in “Wahhabism,” founded in Arabia by Muhammad al-Wahhab (1703 – 1791), and considered to be a puritanical sect in Sunni Islam that seeks to return Islam to the “fundamentals” of Islam.  The late Osama bin Laden was Wahhabbi as were most of the 9/11 Islamists.  Wahhabbi Muslims consider Shiites “and other non-Wahhabbi Muslims as dissident heretics.” The timing of this post in light of the recently posted article by this author noting the requirement of Revelation 17:12-13, 17, of ten Muslim nations joining together against the “harlot” (interpreted to be Saudi Arabia by this author) is seems more than coincidence.  This following article details an alliance forming between Iran and Al-Qaeda (of Iran)!

via Iran And Al Qaeda Leadership Establish ‘Operational Relationship’ Amid Fears Of Attack Against West | World News | Sky News.