Religion of peace.  You must be kidding. If Islam is so peaceful, why are the headlines filled with exactly the opposite?

Riots over the Qur'an BurningHere are some from just the last two days.

Wave of attacks in Iraq ends weeks of calm – Yahoo! News.

‘The Persian Gulf Will Be Turned into a Graveyard’ for International Forces

Iran court convicts Christian pastor convert to death

Taliban to Afghans: Kill foreigners over Quran burnings

Al-Shabaab militia abducting teenage girls to marry fighters

Website of “Peaceful” Actions of the World’s Muslims

It really doesn’t matter how many times we hear that Islam is a religion of peace, nor does it matter the voice we hear it from.  The actions of Muslims in the name of Allah, Muhammad, or the Qur’an shout so loudly that we can’t hear what the world’s advocates for Islam are saying.  How can anyone hold that Islam is a religion of peace when the “model” for Islam is Muhammad, the “prophet of the sword,” whom all Muslims hold as their supreme role model. Muhammad was anything but a man of peace.  Here is a quote from an Egyptian Cleric Wagdi Ghneim on HAMAS’ Al-Aqsa TV, 2/24/2010) that sums up the real story about the “terrorists” of Islam:

We are a nation that excels in the production of the art of death… I will die anyway, so I should be creative to make sure my death is for the sake of Allah…. Brothers, we pray to Allah that we be terrorists, if terror means jihad for the sake of Allah.

When writing Islam the Cloak of Antichrist, I made every attempt to provide modern-day examples of every conclusion I made about Islam. I learned very quickly that the problem was not the lack of examples for the so-called “religion of peace”; rather, I could only devote so many pages to the examples.  I eventually had to stop adding examples, and instead, began replacing previous ones with more current ones.  Some thing never change.  I could give you another page of today’s examples of violence committed in the name of Allah; but I don’t want this post to get too long!

When a Muslim gives his own life to take the life of a non-Muslim, while crying out in his last breath, “Allahu Akbar!” “Allahu Akbar!” (God is great! God is great!), what does that tell you about his god? His god is honored in death, not life!  If that is not darkness, we’re color-blind.