The article linked below represents an exclamation point on the so-called “miraculous resurrection” of the Roman Empire (Revelation 17:8, 11), i.e., the European Union.  I thought “resurrection” presumed everlasting life, or at least long-life?  Those of the “Revived Roman Empire” view will no doubt requite that Greece’s devastating financial problems are the fulfillment of Daniel 2:42-43, “strong and weak” parts of the statue. “Strong-weak” is a condition that can only be satisfied simultaneously; that is, the fifth kingdom (Daniel 2:41) will include parts that are strong, and parts that are weak. How does Greece’s current financial struggles fulfill what has always been weak (as a member of the EU since 1981)? And, if Greece exits the European Union, how will it continue to be weak within the European Union? It will no longer be present within the EU!

The Associated Press: EU running out of time as Greece nears the exit.

Islam on the other hand has always had a strong part and a weak part (since 680 AD and the Battle of Karbala).  The strong part are the Sunnis, the majority sect of Islam (85-90%).  The weak part are the Shi’ahs, the minority sect of Islam (10%).  Read more.  These two parts have always been Islamic (since 680 AD); and, they will always be, at least until they unite under the “scarlet beast,” i.e., the Mahdi of Shi’ah Islam. This uniting will only occur after the destruction of three other Muslims nations/groups (Revelation 17:12-13, 16-18; Daniel 7:24), according to the express intention of God (Revelation 17:17).  Read more for destruction of Saudi Arabia.

And why does it matter that we continue to hold on to the crumbling “Revived Roman Empire” view?  Because so long as we do, the Church, i.e., the “grafted-in” Gentiles (Romans 11:17-18), will be unaware of the nearness of the Antichrist, and how he is prophesied to operate through Islam; and, our time will be likened to the “time of Noah,” as we “eat, drink, and marry…”, oblivious to the times we are in (Matthew 24:38-41). The arrogance of America, in fact, will continue to blind us of the dangers present in Islam, as well as the vulnerability of the West to the economic sword of Islam, i.e., its oil.