The Boston Marathon bombers  are Islamists. Why is the White House not coming forth with this information?  Why does the video of the gun-fire exchange have two sides? Because both sides have been trained to defend and kill. The bombers are not lone wolves. They are a small part of Islam’s coming dominion of the world (Revelation 13:7 – 8). Today is Friday. The bombings occurred on Monday. Why has it taken so long for the White House to tell us what we knew from the beginning? In fact, as of this writing, no goverment offiial has officially stated the obviouse. What are we to do with this fact?

John Brennan, Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Countererrorism, as early as May, 2010, stated that the term “terrorist” or “jihadist” should not be used to describe extremists.  He has taken a position of not recognizing Islam’s role in the attacks across the world.  Mr. Brennan has removed language from all government statements that implicate Islam as a source of terrorism both in public descriptions of clear Islamist activities as well as internal security documents.  Even the military manuals have been edited to remove references to Islam in regards to terrorism for the sake of being politically correct.  I have specifically written about this in chapter 1 of my book “Islam, The Cloak of Antichrist.” 

Two years after publishing my book, the deception has continued and has recently been aggravated, authenticated, and confirmed.  Are all Muslims jihadists? No!  In fact, most American Muslims are more distraught about what has happened than are non-Muslims.  What are Christians to do? Act as if there is no danger? I think not. If that were the case, why would God give us the prophecies to interpret in the first place. These prophecies point to the end-times identification of Islam as the cloak under which satan will operate.

Jesus come quickly.


For more perspective on the jidhadist mindset, see my book “Islam, The Cloak of Anitchrist.”