cropped-DOM_6228.jpgWe knew the truth before a word was spoken about who was behind the Boston Marathon massacre: we knew Islam was behind it.  Now, as I listen to the live reporting of ABC TV, I have just received a post from Midnight Watcher’ Blogspot that one of the suspect’s Facebook account contained Islamist renderings (originally reported by Robert Spencer).  Yet, nothing has even hit the public media reports as of 10:30AM EST. As I continue to watch the TV report, a report is broadcast of a telephone call this reporter had with the father (from Chechnya) of the two boys who vehemently denied his sons involvement in any such “terrorist” activities or Islamic radicalism, and that neither of the boys even own a gun or know how to shoot a gun. Then the reporter at the end of the call admits that the father stated, “if my son is killed all hell will break loose.” And, I think to myself, the father is lying. Islam not only permits lying in holy war but instructs them to do so.

When President Obama first reported on the events shortly after the bombing occurred, he never used the word “terrorist” even though clearly the incident was a “terrorist” event by its legal definition by our own laws (without regard to whether it was Islamic in origin). Apparently, the president was so intent on protecting Islam from being identified prematurely that he intentionally omitted the word “terrorist” from his report. Of course, this should not be a surprise to any of us. Our government is intentional to remove all language, whether spoken or written, that Islam as a religion is connected to terror in the world; and that Islam has no religious connection to the destruction and killings around the world. Why? Because satan is intent on deceiving the world as to the means and method by which he will commit his jihad against the world to bring about the tribulation of these days. He has deceived our government and our government deceives us.

Revelation 13:7 – 8 is in the process of its fulfillment. This is only a baby-step toward that end.

Jesus come quickly.