When the 9/11 jihadis gave their lives to Allah, their last moments were a witness to their god, and their last words to his glory — “Allahu AkbarAllahu Akbar” (“Allah is greatest, Allah is greatest”). What does it say about a god when he is glorified by the death of his followers? By violence committed in his name? What does it say about his religion if the only guarantee of salvation is death in his timeless jihad? Do you think Islam sounds like a man-made religion or a heaven-made religion when the after-life is described as never-ending sex with perpetual virgins?  I suppose if the Muslim after-life is described in this way then the sexual appetites of Allah’s jihadis is not something to ignore. Only problem — Muslim women must join in the jihad — and their bodies are likewise given to the glory of Allah.  What does it say about a god when the sacrifice of a woman’s body gives him glory?  The following link is for mature audiences (from the Investigative Project on Terrorism, by Raymond Ibrahim):


The only Begotten God, Jesus the Christ, God-incarnate in human flesh, does not receive glory in the death of His followers, or in sex outside of marriage no matter the cause. He receives glory in His own death — Christ died that we might live; the innocent for the guilty; the sinless for the sinful. The evidence is overwhelming — Islam is a violent religion and its initiator is not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but the prince of darkness, satan.

Jesus come quickly.

Jack Smith