Dzhennet Abdurakhmanova, with late husband

Dzhennet Abdurakhmanova, with late husband

As Russia hosts the next Olympics, its people and the world’s premier athletes and their fans are in a state of “terror panic.” So real is the threat that officials are urging family members of athletes to remain at home. Russia’s Olympic hosting will likely be the first such Olympic games that no one is in the stands except Islamists wearing suicide vests. It seems that Russia has its own “Osama bin Laden,” and he has declared holy war against Russian leadership and their hosting the Sochi Olympic games. Security has heightened to the point that the United States and other Western nations have joined the Russian security effort. It seems that a very effective weapon used by Islamists against Russia and surrounding regions is the so-called, “black widow cult,” widows of Islamists killed at the hands of Russia police and military who avenge the deaths of their husbands by donning a suicide bomb and triggering the innocent, all to the glory of Allah.  The cult is only one part of the mulifacted Islamist group known as the “Caucasus Emirate,” which has been declared a terrorist organization by the United Nations and other nations of the world. Its self-declared leader is “Doku Umarov,” a Chechen born Islamist, who for the last dozen or so years has murdered many in Russia in the name of Allah. At one time, he declared a moratorium on civilian attacks in Russia; but with the advent of the Olympics, he has lifted his own moratorium and called on fellow Islamists to disrupt the upcoming Winter Olympics as a holy duty:

Russia's Osama bin Laden Dokka Abu Usman

Russia’s Osama bin Laden
Dokka Abu Usman

The leader of the group is Doku Umarov [also known by the Arabized name of “Dokka Abu Usman“], a 49-year-old former oil construction engineer turned Islamic war lord and now dubbed the country’s Osama bin Laden. The US government has placed a $5 million bounty on the head of the Chechen-born self-proclaimed emir of a new Muslim state he calls the Caucasus Emirate. Umarov has made a direct threat against the February 7-23 Sochi Games, saying it was his holy duty to prevent them from taking place. (Read more) (Read more).

Dokka Abu Usman (Umarov) is Chechen. His Chechen “sultanate” is described as follows:

He subsequently became the self-proclaimed Emir of the Russian North Caucasus, declaring it an Islamic state of the Caucasus Emirate. … He is one of the major rebel leaders in Russia and has claimed responsibility for numerous attacks, including the 2010 Moscow Metro bombings and the 2011 Domodedovo International Airport bombing. The attacks killed 40 and 36 civilians respectively, and injured hundreds. (Read more).

Borrowed from Wikipedia

Borrowed from Wikipedia

In a video dated June 2013, Dokka Usman (Umarov) said his followers must use “maximum force” to ensure the Games do not take place. Two suicide bombings in the city of Volgograd have served to increase the tensions, particularly, since the “black widows” are thought to be the instruments of death. The cult’s current person-of-interest is a woman named Ruzanna Ibragimova, the 22 year-old widow of an Islamist killed in a shoot-out with police in 2012, whose only distinguishing feature is a scar across her left cheek. (Read more). The “black widow cult” is not a new development in Russia. An article was posted in the LA Times, February 4, 2004, by Kim Murphy, describing female suicide bombers, widows of Chechen Islamists killed in battles with the Russians. According to the article, the first such attack by females occurred in January, 2002.  The female person-of-interest in 2004 was known as Black Fatima, also a widow from the centuries-old Russian – Chechnya conflict. It seems that with each widow’s death, another and then another, takes up the banner for Allah.

Unfortunately for the world and its premier

Tamerlan Tsarnae

Tamerlan Tsarnae

athletes, it seems that there will be “veiled performers” at this year’s Olympics. Islamists will be performing under the black flag of Allah — for females, the hijab, and for some, the hijab will cover both perpetrator and victims with the cry of death. I wonder what it is about Islamists and Chechnya? And sports? There was another sporting event that Chechens made famous for something other than sports — death: remember the Boston Marathon bombing? The Tsernae’s were Chechen.

Jesus come quickly.



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