Mombasa (Kenya) (AFP)  “It’s our innocents for your innocents. It was justified. kenyaAs per the Koran, as per the religion of Islam, Westgate was 100 percent justified,” the Muslim cleric [Makaburi] said of the attack that left at least 67 dead, among them women and children cut down by machine gun fire or grenades.

“Are the ones being killed and raped in Somalia not innocent?” Makaburi said in an interview with AFP in his austere Mombasa office, seizing on Shebab’s justification for the mall attack — Kenya’s military presence in southern Somalia.  Read more.

“How come a Muslim is at a shopping mall instead of being at a mosque?” he said, adding that the “Americans and the Western governments are killing innocent people all over the world everyday, they’re bombing weddings, funerals.” The real “terrorists”, Makaburi argued, were the military personnel operating drones. “How come the pilots of the drones are not labelled as terrorists? How come when we Muslims are being killed by the Americans using drones, by the British, by whoever, by the West, it’s nothing, but when you have a single non-Muslim killed by a Muslim, it’s terrorism?”

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How is it “justified” according to the Qur’an to kill 67 innocent people who just happened to be at the wrong place, on the wrong day, at the wrong time – doing what most people do at the Mall — shop? If this is justified “per the religion of Islam” and one of Islam’s clerics teaches that it is justified, then something is wrong with the religion, the cleric, or  the supreme model upon which that religion is based — Muhammad. Until Muslims replace their supreme role model the only thing that will change is the location of Islam’s next justified homicide.

Jesus come quickly.

And thank God that when Jesus does come, He will not come to walk behind Islam’s eschatological hero, Muhammad al-Mahdi, and Jesus will not come to tell Christians that Islam is the supreme religion, nor rebuke Christians for professing Jesus to be the Son of God, nor command  Christians to remove all crosses from their churches, kill all pigs or they themselves will be killed  (which is the Shia Muslim (Iran) prophecy of what will happen upon the return of Jesus Christ).