scalesWhen the West places economic sanctions on any place in the world, it does so expecting them to be one-sided, i.e., punitive to the party considered the offender. When it does so to Russia, the knife cuts both ways. Russia has just announced its own economic sanctions; and, it threatens to expand their impact to the entire European Union (vegetables) and world (price of crude oil). Reuters reports:

(Reuters) – Russia fought back on Wednesday over new U.S. and EU sanctions imposed over Ukraine even as G7 leaders warned of further steps, while Ukraine’s government accused pro-Russian rebels of placing land mines near the site of a crashed Malaysian airliner to prevent a proper investigation. Russia announced a ban on most fruit and vegetable imports from Poland and said it could extend it to the entire European Union, a move Warsaw called Kremlin retaliation for new Western sanctions over Ukraine imposed on Russia on Tuesday.  Read more.

Why does Russia’s actions matter in Bible prophecy? Unless you interpret Russia as the “Gog” and “Magog” in Ezekiel 38, it doesn’t. But if you do, it is one step closer to the time of “Jacob’s troubles.” Here are a few posts to give you some background:

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Was it in 1973 that another country used its resources to impose an “economic” embargo through withholding crude oil from the world? I still remember sitting in those long lines at the gas stations and learning for the first time that Saudi Arabia was about more than the Arabian desert. I wonder if anything like that is on the horizon? Something tells me with each ramping of economic sanctions against Russia, Russia will ramp back — but likely with greater force.

Jesus come quickly.