DOM_6003In the CBN video link below the prospects for the free societies of the world are daunting. Belgium is the country at hand but it represents what is happening all over Europe. Belgium is very quickly being overwhelmed by Muslims to the point that many nationalists are leaving the country. The sheer birth rate( (accessed May 12, 2010).)) of Muslim families will soon bring Sharia law to the country not by the sword but by the ballot box. Muslim politicians will be elected because Muslims will outnumber their fellow non-Muslim citizens. In the process, Muslim politicians will replace the democratic leaders of current free societies. The democratic form of government that these societies are presently governed by will be replaced, legally, and without the sword (although that seems unlikely even if it occurs. Victory in Islam always has a victim. I wonder though – when democracy is replaced by Sharia law, will the losers be offered the same three options as those in Iraq? Convert to Islam, pay the jizya (the humility tax), or die?)

Here is the video link for “sharia4belgiums” by CBN: (

In fact, if you look down the road for Europe, the greatest threat is not the Islamic State. It is the democratic process, the process that free people all over-the-world consider their strength. It is this strength that can become our greatest weakness. The ballot box can be far more effectively than the sword, but just as lethal. It just takes longer with the ballot box.

The first time I came across the danger to the free world of the Muslim population increase was reported in a post in 2010 when Cardinal Peter Turkson was a leading candidate for the next Pope. The Cardinal showed the video entitled, “Muslim Demographics” at a Catholic conference for Bishops and was soundly rebuked for his actions. Here are two posts about this same issue:

Muslim Demographics” – “Spurious Claims” or fulfillment of Bible Prophecy?

Cardinal Peter Turkson and Muslim Demographics

I believe the video, Muslim Demographics, gives us 50 years; but I didn’t watch the entire video again so that number may be off. I suspect the free-persons in Belgium wouldn’t agree with the 50 years. Maybe more like 10 for them?

Here is what the Brookings Institute described the situation for Europe


Islam may still be a faraway religion for millions of Americans. But for Europeans it is local politics. The 15 million Muslims of the European Union (EU)—up to three times as many as live in the United States—are becoming a more powerful political force than the fabled Arab street. …Today, the Muslim birth rate in Europe is three times higher … If current trends continue, the Muslim population of Europe will nearly double by 2015, while the non-Muslim population will shrink by 3.5 percent.1

I wonder how long it will take for America to experience what Belgium is experiencing?

Jesus come quickly.



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