Hagia Sophia Church in Istanbul. Now a Muslim museum.

Hagia Sophia Church in Istanbul. Now a Muslim museum but not for long.

I am posting an article from Raymond Ibrahim entitled “The Siege of Constantinople.” The article was first published a year ago to commemorate the anniversary of the failed siege of Constantinople by the Muslims on August 15, 717-718. It is a fascinating read, particularly in light of its fulfillment of Revelation 12:17 and the holy war prophesied there. Here is how historian Roger Crowley describes the great city:

For a thousand years Constantinople was quite simply the city: fabulously wealthy, imperial, intimidating—and Christian. Single-handedly it blunted early Arab enthusiasm for Holy War; when a second wave of Islamic warriors swept out of the Asian steppes in the Middle Ages, Constantinople was the ultimate prize: “The Red Apple.” It was a city that had always lived under threat. On average it had survived a siege every forty years for a millennium…1

Unfortunately, another date in history comes to mind with Constantinople — its capture by the Muslims on May 23, 1453. As Historian Crowley notes above, the “Red Apple” was the “jewel” long sought after by the Muslims but never obtained — at least until 1453 when Ottoman Sultan, Mehmet II, at the young age of 21, led his huge army against her. (Read more).
The picture above is the famed Hagia Sophia Church, the great church of Christendom in the East which served as the seat of the Patriarch of Constantinople for over 900 years.  The Hagia Sophia Church was standing when the Muslims were defeated on August 15, 718; and it was standing when Constantinople fell to the Muslims on May 23, 1453. Before the day ended, the Hagia Sophia was no longer a church — it had been proclaimed a mosque by her conquerors. It remained as such until 1935 when it was converted into a museum. Recent legislation has been introduced in Turkey to convert the museum back to a mosque. Read more. As one might expect, Christians are against such an action. However, Turkey is 99.8% Muslim….

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