The Islamic State has released its 3rd issue of Dabiq Magazine (A Call to Hijrah). According to initial reviews by, the magazine focuses primarily on the call of the Islamic State to Islamists around the world to join its effort in Iraq and Syria. The title of the 3rd issue, “A Call to Hijrah,” is likened to Muhammad’s “emigration” from Mecca to Medina in 622 AD which established Islam as a militant state (in Mecca, Muhammad’s message was one of peace. In Medina, his message called for the violent overthrow of all non-Muslims). The Islamic State has established this call as the first step in its program to gain dominion of the world, as reported in its previous issue. Read more.

The Dabiq issue continues the efforts of the Islamists to blame the United States for its own actions which it deems as just. Quoting one of the accusations it states:

The US had killed women, children, and the elderly, during its direct occupation of Iraq prior to its withdrawal. There are countless accounts of American soldiers executing families and raping women under the sanctity of the US military and Blackwater. Muslim families were killed under the broad definition of “collateral damage,” which the US grants itself alone the right to apply. Therefore, if a mujāhid kills a single man with a knife, it is the barbaric killing of the “innocent.” However, if Americans kill thousands of Muslim families all over the world by pressing missile fire buttons, it is merely “collateral damage.”

And concerning the decapitation of James Foley, the magazine states:

4) The US was informed of James Foley’s status as a prisoner held by the Islamic State. There were demands made prior to the US strikes, for the release of Muslim prisoners held by the US in exchange for Foley’s release, but they were arrogantly ignored.

And why should Muslims emigrate to join the Islamic State? Because forgiveness of all sins will be granted them if they do. Dabiq #3 quotes from Sahih Muhammad, a compiler of Hadith:

When Allah instilled the love of Islam in my heart, I came to the Prophet (sallallāhu ‘alayhi wa sallam ) and said, ‘Stretch out your right hand so that I may pledge allegiance to you.’ He stretched out his right hand; then I withdrew my hand. The Prophet said, ‘What has happened to you , O ‘Amr ?’ I replied, ‘I want stipulate a condition.’ He asked, ‘What condition do you want to stipulate?’ I said, ‘That I be forgiven.’ The Prophet responded, ‘Are you not aware that Islam wipes out all previous sins? And that hijrah wipes out all previous sins? And that hajj wipes out all previous sins?’”

And finally, on the issue of jihad, the magazine states:

Allah (‘azza wa jall) said, {O you who have believed, respond to Allah and to the Messenger when he calls you to that which gives you life}

[Al-Anfāl:24]. ‘Urwah Ibn az-Zubayr (rahimahullāh) said, “{That which gives you life} means war, by which Allah honored you after humiliation, strengthened you after weakness, and defended you from your enemy after their subjugation of you” [Tafsīr Ibn Kathīr]. Jihād not only grants life on the larger scale of the Ummah, it also grants a fuller life on the scale of the individual. … This life of jihād is not possible until you pack and move to the Khilāfah.

The pdf of the document itself can be found here:

How do you wage war against an enemy that is all over the world? Revelation 13:4 NASB.