The Ebola virus is advancing throughout West Africa and the threat to the world is growing by the day. With the years-long conflict of emerging government leaders in Africa and the corruption that each brought, remote African villages are not allowing foreigners free entry into their villages. The links below describe the murder of eight people, including three journalists and a pastor, who attempted entry into one of those villages to educate the village residents of the dangers lurking. The reason for their death is unclear, particularly in light of reports a few weeks ago of military quarantined villages in West Africa that included people who were infected with the virus as well as those who were not. The implication in the prior reports was that the quarantine of those who had not been infected with those who had been infected resulted in attempted breaches of the military boundary lines that quarantined everyone in the village. Some were killed as they attempted to breach the military boundary lines. Whether the deaths of the eight people were a result of speculation of the village residents that this might also occur to them, or for some other reason is not certain at present. Regardless, the Ebola epidemic in Africa is causing protective measures not only in Africa but around the world.

(Reuters) – The killing in Guinea of eight people trying to educate locals about Ebola showed how much rural populations in West Africa mistrust authorities after years of instability and conflict, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday. Eight bodies were found after an attack on a team visiting remote southeastern Guinea, a government spokesman said on Thursday, showing the dangers faced by health workers fighting the deadly virus that is surrounded by suspicion and stigma. Read more.

(Reuters) – Eight bodies, including those of three journalists, were found after an attack on a team trying to educate locals on the risks of the Ebola virus in a remote area of southeastern Guinea, a government spokesman said on Thursday. “The eight bodies were found in the village latrine. Three of them had their throats slit,” Damantang Albert Camara told Reuters by telephone in Conakry. Read more.


When I read the Reuters articles above, I was amazed that few major news services around the world seemed to be interested in reporting the deaths of the eight. I wonder if most Americans even know what Ebola is. I think that will change.

Jesus come quickly.