John Cantlie and James Foley were war photographers captured by British jihadists in Syria on November 22, 2012. Cantlie had previously been captured by British jihadists some six months prior when he and another fellow journalist were attempting to cross the Turkish border into Syria. After escaping from his captors, Cantlie was rescued by the Free Syrian Army (the Syrian rebel army Obama is seeking to support against ISIS and Bashar al-Assad) and later released. Cantlie was quoted by The Sun newspaper on 26 August 2012, “It is every Englishman’s duty to try and escape if captured.” In his second capture, he has not been so fortunate. His compatriot, James Foley, far less so. Jim Foley, an American, was the first propaganda victim beheaded by the Islamic State. Foley and those similarly beheaded are the fodder of the Islamic State to gain the attention of the world.  Now, as John Cantlie appears in videos seated behind a desk, garbed in the same orange captive uniform, the world is listening. The Islamic State has now produced three such videos, each  a part of the series entitled, “Lend Me Your Ears,” starring captive John Cantlie . The third has yet to be released to the general public (9/30/14). For highlights, however, The Guardian, a British news outlet, seems to be a good source. You may read the Guardian’s summary here. For the first video of Cantlie produced on September 18, click here. Below is the second video of the series. I will post the third as soon as it is available.

Let us pray that Cantlie’s quoted statement, “It is every Englishman’s duty to try and escape if captured,” is fulfilled before he suffers the same fate as his compatriot journalists. May our prayers to that end lay down the will of God, not only for John Cantlie, but also many others like him. Matthew 6:10.

Jesus come quickly.