From Reuter’s we read:

By Emma Pinedo and Sarah Morris, MADRID. October 6, 2014

(Reuters) – A Spanish nurse has become the first person to contract Ebola outside of Africa, casting doubt over measures taken in Spain to control the potential spread of the deadly disease.  The nurse had helped to treat two priests who contracted Ebola in Africa and were repatriated to Spain. Some 30 other health workers and those who came in contact with her are now being monitored for symptoms. … The nurse was one of a specialist team who treated elderly priest Manuel Garcia Viejo at the Madrid hospital Carlos III when he was repatriated from Sierra Leone with Ebola on Sept 21. He died four days later. Garcia Viejo was kept in isolation during his treatment last month and officials said they followed a strict protocol designed to protect health workers and patients at the hospital. The nurse who has since fallen ill only entered Garcia Viejo’s room twice, once after his death, Alemany said. Read more.

What does it tell us about Ebola’s contagion when a nurse specifically trained to treat Ebola and believed to have followed a protocol designed for Ebola treatment, nevertheless contracts the virus? And, the nurse becomes infected after entering the patient’s room only twice, and one of those times after the victim’s death? Do you think the medical profession is concerned about the “mode of transmission” that outwitted their plan to prevent precisely what occurred? Its not like the nurse was on an airplane and just happened to be sitting next to an “Eric Duncan” whose body fluids somehow transmitted the virus. The Reuter’s article is clear about the circumstances present when the nurse contracted the virus. She was on a team of specialists trained in a protocol designed to ensure the personal safety of health care workers attending Ebola patients. Yet, she is now the first person contracting the illness outside of Africa, and in an environment specifically designed to destroy the virus and return the victim to health. It seems that the virus had a life of its own; and when endangered somehow managed to claim another before it took its own turn of death!

If you read the full article, you will learn that immediately after her hospital assignment, she went on “holiday” and while on holiday began to show symptoms of the virus. The official spokesperson did not state where she went on holiday. Do you wonder why?

It seems that after every one of these articles I post, I come to the end of the post and all I can see is a virus spreading the world over. Yet, many people are still oblivious to the looming danger in spite of its regularity on the news. Perhaps it is because we listen to our leaders tell us that Ebola is a low risk. I came across this editorial in the Washington Times (,  Sunday, October 5, 2014):

Dishonest or discombobulated? With Obama, take your pick

Is President Obama a pathological liar, or just incredibly stupid?

Those are the only two choices. Either Mr. Obama repeatedly says things he knows are false, or he is completely unable to comprehend information to discern the truth. There is no third option. Read more.

Does it seem strange that the Reuter’s article omitts the “where” of the nurse’s holiday trip? Did she fly by commercial or private airline? Who might she have come in contact with? That seems to be important information to me. So why is the information missing? Perhaps the reason is to keep the public from panicking, particularly in the locations she visited, and the possible hundreds she came in contact with while on holiday?

I am not so sure that a certain amount of panic would be a bad thing. The world is gone “shopping.” We are “away.”  And our “away” is opposite to where God is. I cannot help but wonder if a good dose of panic might be a good thing? If it brings some of us back to God before the real onslaught occurs, it will be a good thing. In the process it might well enable us to better survive the coming tribulation when it does occur. The one thing I know is the more God in the human heart the more peace in the midst of the storm– particularly when the storm is only the first breath of a coming hurricane.

Jesus come quickly.