The family  of Eric Duncan, the first fatality in America of Ebola, were believers. So is the Texas nurse who contracted the virus from Duncan.

(Reuters) – The woman who is the first person known to have contracted the Ebola virus in the United States graduated from college about four years ago knowing she wanted to be a nurse. Now she is in an isolation unit at the Dallas hospital where she worked.

The nurse, whose name has not been released by officials, has been identified by friends and family and in media reports as Nina Pham, 26. Reuters independently verified her identity with a Sunday school teacher at the church where her family worships and through a public records check of her address.

Pham, a 2010 graduate of Texas Christian University, comes from a deeply religious Vietnamese-American family in Fort Worth, according to people who know them and are familiar with her social media posts. She was called on by neighbors to babysit their children. Her social media posts show she is a fan of actor Ryan Gosling and passionate about nursing.

The family was in shock when it learned that she had contracted Ebola, said their friend Tom Ha who is also a Bible studies teacher at the Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church in Fort Worth. …

She owns a 1-year-old King Charles Spaniel that has been taken from her apartment to an undisclosed location where its health will be checked, according to the office of Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, the county’s chief political official.

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Please pray for the Lord to completely heal Ms. Pham.

Jesus come quickly.