Jamkaran Mosque (courtesy of mahdiwatch.org)

Jamkaran Mosque (courtesy of mahdiwatch.org) The “hiding place” of the Hidden Imam

When Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was president of Iran, a documentary was produced entitled, “The Coming is Upon Us” (translated into English by Reza Kahlili (former member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards who spied for the CIA; author of “A Time To Betray“)).  The purpose of the documentary was to reveal a series of events that needed to take place before the “Islamic savior,” Muhammad “al-Mahdi,” (also called the “12th Imam” and the “Hidden Imam”)1 “emerged.”2

Two of those events recently occurred: the rise of Shiite al-Houthis in Yemen who recently overthrew the government of Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi and the death of Sunni Saudi Arabian King Abdullah. Both of these events are, according to the interpretation of some Shia groups, key occurrences in the hastening of the end-of-days and the emergence of Muhammad Al Mahdi. According to Islamic eschatology, al-Mahdi is prophesied by Muslims, particularly Shia Muslims (Twelver Shias form majorities in Iran, Iraq, Syria (Alawite Shias), and Bahrain; Yemen Shia majorities are al-Houthi Shias, or “Fivers”), to be the “perfect one,” the “long awaited one,”3 who will restore peace and justice in the world. He will do so, however, only after he avenges the wrongs committed against Shias by Sunnis over the last 1,400 years, beginning with the Battle of Karbala in 680 AD, and the dividing event in history for Sunnis and Shias. The “peace” he is prophesied to bring only comes after he has led Shia Muslims in world dominion under the sword of Muhammad.  One Hadith puts it this way,

Al-Baqir is reported to have said, “I can see your religion mixed with blood … However, al-Qaim [the “riser”] will not follow the Prophet’s example of gentleness and flexibility and winning over the people by uniting them … He will also not follow the example of ‘Ali, who adopted the path of forgiveness and benevolence in his dealings with the people … His state of affairs will be the sword.4

Supreme Leader of Iran Ayatollah Khamenei

Supreme Leader of Iran
Ayatollah Khamenei

Peace, therefore, is a deception. It only comes after Shias have avenged their losses against Sunnis, and in fact, have fulfilled Muhammad’s prophecy that one day the entire world will be under the black flag of Islam.  Here is how former president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, closed his speech before the United Nations on September 17, 2005 as he prayed for the hastening of the “perfect one,” the prophesied last Imam, of Shiism and Islam:

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
From the beginning of time, humanity has longed for the day when justice, peace, equality and compassion envelop the world. All of us can contribute to the establishment of such a world. When that day comes, the ultimate promise of all Divine religions will be fulfilled with the emergence of a perfect human being who is heir to all prophets and pious men. He will lead the world to justice and absolute peace. … Oh mighty Lord, I pray to you to hasten the emergence of your last repository, the promised one, that perfect and pure human being, the one that will fill this world with justice and peace.5

The Coming is Upon Us  includes a series of significant end-time events, all of which lead to the emergence of Muhammad al-Mahdi. Read more. The more relevant and significant are listed below:

  1. The Mahdi will not appear unless, “fear, great earthquakes and sedition take place. (Imam Berghar)”
  2. “Women will rid themselves of the Hejab (Imam Ali)”
  3. “Adultery will become common. Men will dress like women. Men will content themselves to men and woman to woman. (Prophet Muhammad)”
  4. “A nation from the East [Iran] will arise and prepare the way for the coming of the Mahdi. (Prophet Muhammad)”
  5. “The countries of the infidel, the western countries, will take their army and their armies to the Islamic countries in the Middle East and they will enter Iraq, …  and they will enter from the South” [Saudi Arabia’s air bases allowed U.S. forces to land and remove Saddam Husein. Saudi Arabia is south of Iraq.]
  6. “Another important region for the Coming is Yemen. It has been predicted by the Hadith that on the threshold of the Coming, a holy revolution will take place in this country.6 Some believe that after the Coming, the first soldiers of Imam Mahdi who will reach Mecca will be from Yemen. During recent years, the Shiites from Yemen have been under attack by its central government, but with its courageous resistance have pushed back the enemy.”
  7. “The Hadith predict that Palestine [Palestine includes all of Israel, Syria, Lebanon, the Gaza Strip and West Bank] will be the center of disturbance, insecurity, and sedition  by the Jewish nation. … At that time, the Arabs will conquer Palestine and the Arabs will be victorious and united. … Then, extra forces will arrive from the land of Iraq. …”
    • “The current Palestinian generation will witness the defeat of Israel. … The murderous Zionist regime of Israel is reaching its final fall and destruction of its own non-existence.”
  8. The events in Saudi Arabia before the Coming are also clearly described in the Hadith. According to the Hadith, the dynasty of “Bani Abass” will rule Saudi Arabia. Researchers believe that Bani Abass is the same as Al Saud [the Saud Royal family in Saudi Arabia]. … Upon the death of a ruler named “Abdullah,” conflict and struggle of power will increase in Saudi Arabia and this will continue until the reappearance of the last Messiah, the Mahdi. It is important to note that Saudi Arabia has not had a ruler name Abdullah in the past 100 years.
  9. “In the end of time, descendants of Imam Ali [Shias are descendants of Imam Ali] will join ranks, … (Prophet Muhammad)”
  10. … the oppressed will arise from the East [Iran] and request their rights7 … but when it is ignored, they draw their swords and that is how they succeed … (Imam Bagher)
  11. When Abdullah [Saudi King Abdullah] dies, the reappearance is guaranteed. …
  12. [The Hadith predict a “Seyyed Khorasani” who will lead the way and hand the flag to the last Messiah, the Mahdi. Many believe that Seyyed Khorasani is the Supreme leader, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei , which the Hadith refer to.]
  13. Another key individual … is called “Yamani.” His presence is another sign that the reappearance is close. Some believe that the Yamani is Seyyed Hassan Nassrollah. … Nasrollah is from the Shiites of Yemen whose ancestors lived in Yemen and immigrated to Lebanon many decades ago.
  14. [These two individuals will coordinate the revolt against evil.]

Amazingly, the video produced by Iran in early, 2011, accurately prophesies of the rise of Yemeni Houthis, Shias, who have just now successfully overthrown the government of the current President Hadi of Yemen. President Hadi, an ally of the Royal family in Saudi Arabia as well as the United States, resigned under pressure from the Houthis after they surrounded his palace.8 Iran is reported to be providing the primary funding for the Houthis.

When one considers what has just happened in the world from a Shia perspective, it is quite astounding. Yemen’s government has been overrun by the Houthis, a Shia sect few in the West had ever heard of before September, 2014, when the Houthis took control of the capital of Yemen, Sanaa. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has just died, and the world is more than ever standing against Israel. All of these are conditions prophesied in the documentary that are paramount to the return of the Mahdi. According to Frontpage Magazine, the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatolllah Khamenei, is reported to have told “close associates that he had privately met with the Mahdi and was told that he’d arrive before his time as Supreme Leader ends. Khamenei is 71 years old and widely understood to be in poor health, so the grand jihad that Khamenei believes he must command must come soon.” Read more.

I don’t know about you, but I can only imagine what the Ayatollah Khamenei is talking about tonight with his key leaders. A documentary that aired almost four years ago is unfolding before his eyes and he believes that he is one of the “preparers” of the world to bring in his messiah, Muhammad al-Mahdi. To do so, he will need launch world chaos that will seek the destruction of Israel and her allies. He has publicly declared his intention to wipe Israel off the face of the map. Do you think he is getting trigger-happy with his “non-existent” nukes? Do you think he will see the events that have unfolded as the will of Allah? Only time will tell; but it gets dangerous when an Islamist believes Allah has willed it.

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Jesus come quickly.




  1. Al-Mahdi is called the 12th Imam because Shias believe he was born in 869 A.D., the son of the 11th Imam, Hasan al-Askari, who met an untimely death at the hands of the Sunnis. The son’s name was Muhammad bin Hasan and he assumed his role as Imam at age 5 upon the death of his father, the 11th Imam. He went into “hiding,” referred to by Shias as “occultation” to protect his life from the Sunnis that killed his father. He is called “Hidden Imam” because Shias believe he never died but went into hiding and has been in hiding ever since the late 9th century (about 1,200 years!). []
  2. Muhammad al-Mahdi is said to “emerge” because Shias believe he will “reappear” from his hiding or occultation at the precise moment when Allah commands him. He will not be “resurrected” because resurrection implies death and Shias do not believe al-Mahdi ever died. When he emerges, he will do so not as the 12th Imam but Muhammad al-Mahdi, the last Imam, and the Messianic savior of the world. Shias also believe that al-Mahdi’s present hiding place is a mosque in the small village of Jamkaran tucked in a corner of Iran. Behind the mosque is a well that the Mahdi or 12th imam will one day emerge from. Shias believe that al-Mahdi appears among their midst annually but no one recognizes him. He returns to his hiding place, the well at Jamkaran Mosque, as he awaits the command of Allah to emerge as the Mahdi. Shias believe that when al-Mahdi emerges he will continue the bloodline of Muhammad through Ali and Fatima (Muhammad’s daughter). Muhammad is reported to have said, “The world would not continue but for that day wherein Allah will send a man from the family of my house. The Mahdi will be from my family, from the descendants of Fatima. See Islam the Cloak of Antichrist and references cited therein, page 188. []
  3. Al-Mahdi is referred to as the “long awaited one” by Shias because he will redress the wrongs committed against Shias by Sunnis ever since the Battle of Karbala in 680 A.D. when their leader, Hussein ibn Ali (Muhammad’s grandson) were brutally massacred by a vastly outnumbered Sunni force led by Yazid, the Umayyad Sunni caliph, to whom Hussein had refused to give an oath of allegiance. (See my book, Islam the Cloak of Antichrist for a complete summary of this battle and its impact on Sunni/Shia division thereafter.) Shias, the minority sect of Islam, has been mercilessly persecuted by Sunnis throughout their histories together. The belief that one day they would avenge the Sunni crimes against them through the return of al-Mahdi has given them the hope to await that day. Shias are considered unbelievers by most Sunnis.  Saudi Arabia is Sunni. Iran is Twelver Shia, they are arch foes. []
  4. Sachedina, Abdulaziz Abdulhussein. Islamic Messianism, The Idea of the Mahdi in Twelver Shi`ism. Albany: State University of New York Press, 1981, p. 174, as cited in Islam the Cloak of Antichrist, by Jack Smith, p 189. []
  5. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article10336.htm accessed January 22, 2015 []
  6. Houthis are a branch of Shia Islam (also called “Fivers” or “Zaydis.” They overthrew the government of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi and took control of Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, forcing President Hadi to resign. []
  7. Iran’s stated public motivation for nuclear power is that they have the same rights as America and any country in the world to possess nuclear capabilities []
  8. The Shias are opposed, however, by Al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula, a Sunni Salafist organization that allies with neither the current president or the Shia Houthis []