On May 3-4, 2015, the History Department of Boston University will sponsor Praeparatio Califatae: Islamic Apocalyptic Beliefs about the Millennial Era to ComeTopics will include both Sunni (ISIS) and Shia (Iran) eschatology, as well as Mahdist movements both violent and peaceful–and the various methods each adopts to bring about the (Islamic) eschaton. Dr. Timothy R. Furnish will be one of the guest panelists. Dr. Furnish is a renowned expert on Islamic eschatology, including the Islamic “Messiah,” Muhammad al-Mahdi.

Details on the conference are still being fleshed out by Dr. Richard Landes, BU professor, and expert on apocalyptic, both medieval and modern, and head of the former Center for Millennial Studies at BU.  Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming conference which I am certain will be well attended and well worth the investment of time and resources.