5 people killed in attack on Shiite community gathering in Eastern Province

Source: Saudi mosque comes under attack | GulfNews.com

Saudi Arabia’s northeastern peninsula is inhabited by Shias, many of whom are employed at its many oil fields in this area. In Islam, Shias “combine in the seed of men,” (Daniel 2:43 NASB), that is, Shias claim blood descent through Muhammad’s heirs, Ali (Muhammad’s cousin) and Fatima (Muhammad’s daughter). The annual event which draws Sunnis (Islamic State in this case) to spill the blood of Shias is “The Day of Ashura,” this year celebrated on October 23, 2015. The festival is celebrated annually by Shias to remember the  massacre of Shias by Sunnis at the Battle of Karbala, 10/24/ 680 A.D. This battle is the dividing event for Sunnis and Shias. From this day forward, they were irrevocably divided into two sects in Islam (Daniel 2:41 NASB). At that battle, the dominant Sunnis (comprising 90% of all Muslims today) massacred the outnumbered Shias (10%), and the last surviving son of Ali and Fatima, Husayn, was butchered by Sunnis, along with his infant grandson and around 120 others. Shias remember Husayn’s death by flagellation and mutilation of themselves as an act of suffering which somehow brings a Shia closer to his martyred brothers. The weaker sect has been bleeding for almost 1400 years, not only on the Day of Ashura, but throughout its history. Many Sunnis consider Shias infidels (as the Islamic State does today). Shias have the added distinction of suffering within its own sect as branches within the sect have never been able to agree on which blood descendant of Ali and Fatima was the legitimate leader. Today there are Fiver Shias, Seveners, Twelvers and others, each of which take their label based on the particular Imam in Shiism considered to be legitimate. Shias not only are the weaker sect of two divided sects but it also does not “adhere to one another.” Daniel 2:43 NASB. I am one of a growing number of interpreters that see Shiism as the sect in Islam that will propel us into the Great Tribulation. In case you are wondering, Iran is Twelver Shia.

Jesus come quickly.

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