The recent exit of the United Kingdom (“Brexit“) from the European Union sent shivers throughout the world’s establishment. One article put it this way:

“The UK was not only one amongst 28 (member states). It had a great weight because of its financial markets and its international influence,” Gentiloni said in an interview with daily Il Messaggero.  … Padoan said Europe had to face up to citizens’ worries over immigration, unemployment and increasing inequality – which meant changing the ‘austerity’ budget rules Rome blames for exacerbating the current crises. … Read more.

Another put it this way:

The mayor of Calais has called for migrant camps to be moved to Britain stating the country must “take the consequences” of the decision to leave the EU. Read more.

But it is not only the world’s elite and its career politicians that are ringing their hands over Britain’s exit from the EU. Interpreters of prophecy are doing the same thing– at least they are rethinking the traditional paradigm that has garnered majority support for years – the “revived Roman Empire paradigm.” Here is the opening paragraph from a prominent website on the revived Roman Empire paradigm:

The European Union is rapidly fulfilling prophecy in becoming the prophesied revived Roman Empire, the final worldly kingdom of human history. According to prophecy, this kingdom will give rise to an ecumenical and apostate religion, a global government, and a global economy. Out of this kingdom will arise the most evil dictator ever known to man – the Antichrist. Read more.

I encourage you to read the post for a complete view of this paradigm. The highlights of the Roman paradigm are (1) the Ancient Roman Empire is the 4th beast of Daniel 7:7-8, 23-24. Alternatives interpret the Roman Catholic Church to be the fulfillment of Daniel 7 by virtue of it being “different” from the first three beasts of Daniel 7, all political empires. Since the Catholic Church is a spiritual empire rather than a political empire, it is thought to better fulfill the Daniel passage. Of course, this means that the pope will be the Antichrist and is why we see so many blog posts about something the pope recently did or said that is contrary to Scripture. Read more. (2) The Roman paradigm also includes the interpretation of Revelation 17:11 that the empire that “was,” and “is not,” and “is about to come up” (Revelation 17:8) refers to Rome. Hence, the Roman Empire “was.” The Roman empire “is not” (because it collapsed in the 5th century A.D); and, it is “about to come up” in some form or revived empire, e.g., the European Union.  (3) Rome is further supported as the fulfillment of these passages because it uniquely fulfills Daniel 9:26 (the “people of the prince who is to come”) in that the Roman Empire destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple in A.D. 70. Here is how the same website concludes the article on the European Union’s fulfillment of end-day’s prophecies:

Scripture is being fulfilled before our eyes, for those with eyes to see. The stage is being set for the emergence of a global political system through the European Union, a global economic system with the Euro, and a global religious system. The European Union would seem to fulfill many of the prophesies of the fourth kingdom that is to come, from which will arise the Antichrist of the end-times. Only time will tell, but we are encouraged by Jesus Himself, to watch, and be aware of the signs. We should all be looking up. We may soon be with our Lord.

I wonder how the author would conclude the article today? “Global political system”… “global economic system” (the Euro)… and “global religious system” (atheism) — not looking like the “stage is being set” for the European Union to be revived. Without the U.K., how will the European Union ever be global at anything?

The impact of Great Britain’s exit on Europe and the world cannot be underestimated. The financial strain on member countries of the EU was significant long before Brexit; and in fact, many think the financial strain of other countries in the EU is what caused Brits to vote for the exit. To the extent that Britain’s resources were made available to Greece and other failing countries in the EU, it was not available to fight the poverty, and social ills of Britain.

The question that is of greater importance, however, is how this might hasten the tribulation prophesied in Scripture and the escalation of its time-table. With the strain on Europe for the refugees of Syria and other Middle East countries, the exit of Britain escalates the temperature of social chaos within the populace of Europe. If we think Arab Spring was bad, imagine what will happen if something similar breaks out in the free world? The related question is where will Islam be if social chaos launches in Europe? I suspect we will find it in two places: Islamists will fuel the chaos because with the fueling of social chaos citizenry will look for “greener pastures.” Despair looks for a solution. It sees the present situation as the wrong solution. There must be a better solution. The fueling of chaos will bring the citizenry to the place where they vote for options they would never have considered before. The second thing Islam will do is offer Sharia law as the solution. Muslims by the 1,000’s have migrated to Europe because of the Syrian crisis. All previous predictions of population growth and demographic composition in Europe are irrelevant now. Muslims will overtake democratic areas by sheer birth rates long before the 50 year time tables previously predicted. If there is any way that the revived Roman paradigm will be fulfilled, it will not be with the pope and the Catholic Church rising up as the Antichrist. Rather, it will be with Muslims in Europe who overtake the free world simply through the sheer numbers of refugees infiltrating the political system and replacing democracy with Sharia law- the chaos will only escalate it.

It is time to rethink our prophecy paradigms. The revived Roman paradigm with the EU as the fulfillment of the end-time empire that rises up must be discarded. The many brilliant scholars in eschatology need consider new options. The church must be prepared and the thinkers in our faith need think anew. The chaos about to spring forth in the world demands it. Islam will be the end-time empire in some way or fashion. The Islamic paradigm provides far more evidence of its candidacy today than ever before. If you want a basic introduction to this paradigm, I offer my book – for FREE, if it will help you to see. Read more.  Read more. For a free book, just email me at and request a copy, along with your mailing address, and it is yours!

Jesus come quickly.