As the U.S. media frets about

the meeting of President Trump and President Netanyahu, the most distressing news so far as the likelihood of peace in the Middle East is concerned, is given but a passing nod. The article below announces the election of the new president of HAMAS, the governing arm on the Gaza Strip for the last decade. The new president is a former occupant of Israel’s prisons for more than twenty years. “The new leader, Yehya Sinwar, in his mid 50s, is said to have emerged after two weeks of secret elections within Hamas, the Islamist group that has controlled the Gaza Strip for the past decade. He carries a reputation as a harsh enforcer of loyalty within the group, and as an unstinting enemy of Israel.” Sinwar was released as a part of the prisoner exchange for Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.

Selection of 55-year-old who rejects any reconciliation with Israel appears to end Islamist group’s internal struggle

Source: Election of new Hamas Gaza Strip leader increases fears of confrontation | World news | The Guardian

Jesus come quickly. Actually, it maybe sooner than many expect. With the election of Sinwar the prospects of armed conflict from the Gaza Strip is now insured.